Stalag XVII B


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My father's autographed copy of Kriegie Memories, by Ben Phelper

Listed below are books about Stalag XVII B (the books with a star are the ones that I do not have).

Books in English
Benson, V. Elaine; "Out of the Turret and into Hell"
Bevan, Donald & Trzcinski, Edmund; "Stalag 17: A Comedy Melodrama in Three Acts" (Stage Acting Edition)
Caporaso, Gerard; "From the Top Turret: A Memoir of World War II and the American Dream"
Carano, Steve (and Kay Sloan); "Not Without Honor"
Chapin, William; "Milk Run"
Cordasci, John; "Stalag 17B and the Pete Skripka Story"
DiSchiavi, Armand; "The Eternal Soldier: Old Soldiers Never Die & They Never Fade Away"
Gabriel, Andrew; "A Diary of Hope"
Gordon, Paul R.; "Fourth Down: Can't Pass, Can't Run"
Handy, Edward; "The Flame Keepers"
Henneberry, Richard; "The Greatest Generation: One Airman's Life"
Hipperson, Carol; "The Belly Gunner"
Hoffman, Richard; "Stalag 17B"
Horrigan, Kenneth; "Coffin Corner"
Jahnke, George; "And There I Was"
Kelley, Luther; "World War II from a Waist Gunner's View of Stalag 17"
Lang, James H.; "Kriegies & Goons: My Life in Nazi POW Camps"
Matheny, Ray; "Rite of Passage: A Teenager's Chronicle of Combat and Captivity in Nazi Germany"
McDowell, Gerald; "A Tail Gunner's Tale"
McKenzie, E. D.; "Boys at War, Men at Peace"
Phelper, Ben; "Kriegie Memories" [rare]
Phelper, Ben; "Shot Down" [rare]
Phelper, Ben; "The Sweat Box" [rare]
Rasmussen, Randall E.; "Hell's Belle"
Smith, Perry K.; "We Call Ourselves 'The Broken Wing'"
van Kavelaar, Paul; "From Artillery to Air Corps: The World War II memoir of a Green Mountain Cannoneer Turned B-24 Radioman"
Victory, Luther; "A Chronicle of Stalag XVII B" [VERY rare!]
Wilder, Billy; "Stalag 17" (complete, original screenplay)
Williams, Walter; "For You the War is Over"

Non-English Books
Karner, Stefan; "Zwangsarbeit in der Land- Forstwirtschaft auf dem Gebiet Oesterreichs 1939 bis 1945" ["Forced Labor in Agriculture and Forestry in Austria 1939 to 1945"] [rare]
Preiss, Kurt; "Von der Befreiung zur Freiheit: Krems 1945-1955" ["From Liberation to Freedom: Krems 1945-1955"] [rare]
* Schimizzi, Domenico Antonio; "M. Stammlager XVII B: Campo di Concentramento Nazista" [in Italian] [VERY rare]
Speckner, Hubert; "In der Gewalt des Feindes: Kriegsgefangenlager in der 'Ostmark' 1939 bis 1945" ["Under Enemy Control: Prisoner of War Camps in the "Ostmark" from 1939 to 1945"]
Stelzl-Marx, Barbara; "Unter den Verschollenen: Erinnerungen von Dmitrij Cirov an das Kriegsgefangenenlager Krems-Gneixendorf 1941 bis 1945" ["Among the Missing and Forgotten: Dmitri Chirov's Memories of the Prisoner of War Camp Krems-Gneixendorf from 1941 to 1945"][rare]
Stelzl-Marx, Barbara; "Zwischen Fiktion und Zeitzeugenschaft - Amerikanische und sowjetische Kriegsgefangene im Stalag XVII B Krems-Gneixendorf" ["Between Fiction and Eyewitness Testimony - American and Soviet Prisoners of War in Stalag XVII B Krems-Gneixendorf"] [rare]
Streibel, Robert; "Die Stadt Krems im Dritten Reich: Alltagschronik 1938-1945" ["The City of Krems in the Third Reich: Chronicle of Everyday Life"] [rare]

Books about POW camp life in general
Spinelli, Angelo M. & Carlson, Lewis H.; "Life Behind Barbed Wire" (about Stalag III B)
Farr, Frank; "P.O.W.: A Kriegie's Story" (about Stalag Luft III, VII A and Camp Lucky Strike)

Electronic Books & Documents
Die Zahlenentwicklung der auslaendischen Zwangsarbeiter und Zwangsarbeiterinnen auf dem Gebiet der Republik Oesterreich 1939 bis 1945 [Population growth of foreign forced laborers in Austria 1939-1945]
Red Cross POW Bulletins
German Documents Among the War Crimes Records of the Judge Advocate Division, Headquarters, United States Army, Europe